Saturday, February 23, 2008

A good time

It's taken two days to get to a computer.  We all saw our first performance last night--
Verbrennungen.  The set was great, the acting, as well.  Today the group learned about
Munich from Hans-Peter Söder, director of the Jr. Year in Munich program, who treated
us to a great lunch at Augustiner Keller, after which we went our own ways for a few hours.
Several of us ate at Alter Simpl (YUM!), then went to the Schauburg Youth Theater where
we saw an excellent performance of Eine Odyssee, while others were hoping to get tickets
to their first show at the Kammerspiele:  Familie Schroffenstein.  Tomorrow, it's reduced
rate for entries to museums and we're all seeing Brecht's early play: Im Dickicht der Städte
at the Residenz Theater in the afternoon.  Then some people will go to the other, and some
will go to see "Hass" at the Kammerspiele.  

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