Sunday, February 10, 2008


We will be seeing a wide variety of theater/performances while we're in Germany. I hope to be able to start understand the German approach to bringing drama to the public and how they interpret texts. My understanding is that the first thought on how to perform a piece or the traditional performance are not necessarily the only possibilities. Thinking outside the box and manipulating certain elements can emphasize parts of a show that a viewer previously had not seen or otherwise may not have noticed. (if this was the first time seeing a particular show) I want to be able to bring back some of my observations and put them into practice too. Simply being in Germany will allow me to immerse myself in the environment in which the pieces were originally written and sometimes performed. Germany will hopefully provide a natural setting for the texts, as opposed to me reading it in my room, removed from everything.

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janet said...

I think you'll be really struck by the way actors deliver their lines. I hope you'll hear excellent diction--you should be able to understand every word no matter how fast or how quietly an actor might speak.