Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brecht in Munich

While in Munich I plan on seeing two shows by Brecht: "Im Dickicht der Staedte" at the Residenz and "Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan" (not sure if I spelled that right) at Kleines Spiel. After working with some Lehrstuck text in DT class and seeing Brecht's "Caucasian Chalk Circle" presented by the UM Musical Theater Department this past weekend, I am very anxious to compare and contrast how Brecht's works are interpreted and presented differently by various theater ensembles. Four plays by Brecht are being performed the week we are in Munich. I think this proves how great of an impact he had on german theater, and how he continues to impact theater audiences today in Germany and all over the world, including the University of Michigan campus.

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janet said...

I really wish that you could also see the BAAL production at the Münchner Volkstheater since I think that theater has the qualities, the directors, and the ensemble to present Brecht in the most challenging way. Tja...we simply have too many good options!