Friday, March 7, 2008

Well, I too am starting to get over jet-lag, although judging from my sleep schedule last night, I think I am still about an hour displaced. Coming back at least lets you get up early for classes. Anyway, what a great trip! It's a bit of a pain being back here now. For about the first day or so it was really hard to speak in English, which was kinda fun, to be honest. For the last week, English had been something that I only slipped into when I didn't want to deal with the problems of speaking in German. With Germans I almost always spoke German, and Ian and I usually did too. This was an important trip for me because I really had to force myself to get into things to get around. It is very intensive. This is the first time I have truly had to navigate for myself in another country. Before, I was always either with a native speaker or looking for English speaking people. In Germany, I had only taken the subway alone once, and I immediately got lost. So forcing myself (or having Janet force me) to get into situations like that has been very good for me. And the theater was amazing. I seem to remember that some of it was up and down, but it is of course the really good ones that stick out in my memory. I particularly remember going to the ballet Der Sturm on the last night. It was fantastic. I had standing seats and have never been into ballet, but this one definitely kept my attention. It was fascinating and beautiful. It was for that kind of experience that I am most grateful for my chance to go.

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